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Plotting Freeze-Thaw Data …

… or other irregular cyclic data. Another Eng-Tips question asked how to approximate ice area over a freeze-thaw cycle using a function based on a sine or cosine curve.  The screen-shot below shows three alternatives: Using built in Excel functions requires … Continue reading

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Counting non-pecked chicks

Download file:  Binary Chicks.zip. This post is based on a recent discussion at Cosmic Horizons looking at numerical methods to solve the following problem: The answer to the question is straightforward: With a little thought, you should be able to realise … Continue reading

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Taming Symbols in Excel

You can enter an ASCII character in Excel (if you know the ASCII code) by holding  down the Alt key and entering the decimal code value on the numeric key pad.  This has two problems: It doesn’t work in Excel … Continue reading

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Update to Glob_to_loc3 and Loc_to_glob3 functions

Following a comment here I have updated the Glob_to_loc3 and Loc_to_glob3 functions to deal with some problems when the local longitudinal axis is parallel to the global Y or Z axes.  The IP2 spreadsheet, including the revised functions, can be downloaded from: … Continue reading

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Working with milliseconds in Excel

A recent post at Eng-Tips looked for a solution to problems with working with times in Excel, when time differences are required to the nearest millisecond. The problem is that although times may be entered as a time/date value, and formatted … Continue reading

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RCInteract and RC Design Functions 7.03

Since the previous post, I have updated the notes in the RC Design Functions spreadsheet to reflect the fact that with the recent update to the Bridge Design Code (AS 5100) the reinforced concrete strength design requirements for beam bending … Continue reading

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RC Design Functions 7.03

The latest update to my RC Design Functions spreadsheet has just been uploaded, and is available for free download (including full open-source code) from: RC Design Functions7.zip The main new feature in the latest version is a new RCInteract function, which generates an … Continue reading

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