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Getting concrete shrinkage right

At the end of last year, very quietly, the commentary to the Australian Concrete Structures Code (AS 3600) was published.  The commentary provides a wide range of explanatory and background information to the requirements in the main code, including some … Continue reading

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Slicing Arrays with VBA

A recent comment asked about the most efficient way to write part of an array to the spreadsheet from VBA. This post looks at three alternative methods which have advantages in different circumstances (thanks to Lori Miller for reminding me … Continue reading

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Beams may kiss, but do not hug …

… not full length anyway. This post was inspired by a now very long discussion at Eng-Tips on the apparently simple question of what happens when you place one short beam on top of a longer one, and apply a … Continue reading

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Numerical Integration; Tanh-Sinh Quadrature v. 4.3

A new version (4.3) of the numerical integration spreadsheet by Graeme Dennes is now available for download from Tanh_Sinh Quadrature. The Tanh-Sinh Quadrature Version 4.3 workbook now provides a feature for the integration of integrands contained in independent (external) UDFs. … Continue reading

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Numpy and Scipy for Excel

The Python Numpy and Scipy libraries contain a huge number of maths and science related functions.  Most of these are not directly available from Excel, but using the free ExcelPython package it is fairly easy to make the link, vastly increasing … Continue reading

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