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xlSciPy 1.01

The xlSciPy spreadsheet, introduced here, has been updated with many new functions.  The new version, including full open source code (VBA and Python) can be downloaded from: The spreadsheet requires Python to be installed, including NumPy and SciPy.  It … Continue reading

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Time to Lookup

At Daily Dose of Excel Jeff Weir has been looking at alternative methods of applying the VLookup function and ways of getting precise timing of the different formulations. Based on his posts there I have written two Lookup User Defined … Continue reading

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Re-sizing Array Functions

The recent updates to the ConBeamU spreadsheet contained two new functions for entering and re-sizing array functions, and since they will be useful on any spreadsheet containing array functions (which here means almost all of them) I thought they deserved … Continue reading

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ConbeamU Update Update

Following some comments from 4Step on the last ConbeamU update, and a thorough check of results against Strand7 results, I have posted a new version that fixes a number of issues with the previous one.  The new version number is … Continue reading

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ConbeamU Update; defined support deflections

As promised in a recent post, I have updated the ConBeamU spreadsheet to allow defined deflections to be specified at any support. The new spreadsheet (including full open-source code), can be downloaded from In addition to the support deflections the … Continue reading

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