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Excel to Alglib via xlwings

The Alglib library provides many valuable numerical analysis routines, but the VBA version is no longer actively maintained.  The latest versions are available in C++, C#, and Python, of which the Python version (in conjunction with xlwings) provides the easiest interface … Continue reading

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Installing xlwings 0.11.4

The 0.11 versions of xlwings have some major changes to the arrangement of the required files, which will make installation and updating much easier, but for some reason Anaconda is very slow to upload the new versions, and the pdf … Continue reading

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Using the Frame Analysis Spreadsheets

Following some recent questions in the comments, here are some answers: How can nodal moments be created? The current versions only allow for forces to be applied to beams, but any point load or moment applied at the start or … Continue reading

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Installing Frame4 and 3DFrame

Following a recent comment I have added a VBA only version to the download files of the frame analysis spreadsheets: The VBA versions should work on any version of Excel from 2007, with macros enabled, without any further installation. The … Continue reading

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Tam Lin

Tam Lin is a Scottish folk tale and song dating from 1549 or earlier. It is set at Carterhaugh (not Carter Hall), which is a real place. The song was widely re-interpreted in the British folk revival, most notably by Fairport  … Continue reading

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Stress increments in prestressed concrete beams

The two main Australian Standards covering prestressed concrete structures (AS 3600, Concrete Structures, and AS 5100 Part 5, Concrete Bridges) put a limit on the allowable increase in stress in reinforcement and prestressing strands and tendons, when the load increases from … Continue reading

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Build Bridges, Not Walls

I don’t often do politics here, but with an opening line like “build bridges, not walls” how can I deny Jeremy Corbyn a spot, especially when he is talking at The Glastonbury Festival:

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