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Some thoughts on Magic …

… from Alana Hicks, Leonard Cohen, and Buffy St Marie. Alana Hicks is a friend of my daughter’s.  This is her story: … which reminded me of a song I heard once on the radio over 40 years ago, and … Continue reading

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The Conjugate Beam Method

The Conjugate Beam Method is a variation of the Moment-Area Method that allows beam slopes and deflections to be calculated purely from the calculation of shear forces and bending moments of the beam with (in some cases) modified support conditions.  Both methods were … Continue reading

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3D Frame analyses with spring releases – 2

The latest version of the 3DFrame spreadsheet (previously presented here) includes provision for spring end releases, allowing for either rotational or translational springs in any direction.  These springs are now incorporated in the model by adjustment of the beam properties, … Continue reading

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On the probability of frog croaks.

A recent logical puzzle from TED discussed the probability of one of two frogs being female, if we know that at least one of them is male: This puzzle is discussed (arriving at different conclusions) here: and puzzles of this … Continue reading

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Chris Hadfield reviews 2016

Canadian Astronaut, Commander Chris Hadfield, reminds us of all the great many positives that happened in 2016. : It’s easy to forget that this year saw a great many positives

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Transferring and converting strings in Excel and Python

The load table for the 3D Frame spreadsheet has a column listing the global axis for each load as text (X, Y, or Z).  In the VBA version the table is converted to a variant array, and the axes are handled … Continue reading

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Brent’s Method and a daft engineer’s blog

Browsing links on Brent’s Method I found: Daft Engineer – Numerical Methods and Excel* which is well worth a look (plenty of stuff on statistics and Python, with the odd dash of Excel).  The link has VBA code for a … Continue reading

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