Update to Glob_to_loc3 and Loc_to_glob3 functions

Following a comment here I have updated the Glob_to_loc3 and Loc_to_glob3 functions to deal with some problems when the local longitudinal axis is parallel to the global Y or Z axes.  The IP2 spreadsheet, including the revised functions, can be downloaded from:


The screen shots below show documentation for the functions, and an example of results with a beam parallel to the Z axis:

The documentation has been edited to clarify the difference between the axis type options:

The same example is used for both functions, with a beam parallel to the global Z axis, with the direction from Node 1 to Node 2 in the negative Z direction:


The function also has an option to return the rotation matrix, R0 (Out = 1):

The download file has the input for the Glob_to_loc function linked to the Glob_to_loc3 input, and the associated Gamma angle, to show that the results are consistent.  The input for these (or any other example functions) may of course be freely modified.

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