COM624 download and documentation sites

COM624 is a freeware DOS based program for the analysis of lateral loads on piles produced by the FHWA in the USA.  The program and documentation are available for free download, but are well hidden, so I’m posting links to the download sites here:

COM624 Program

COM624 Manual

In coming posts I will post an Excel based pile lateral load analysis program, based on the same principles as COM624.

Update 31 Jan 2016:

The COM624 program is no longer available for free download, but is listed for sale at:

The link to the manual is still active.

The LatPilePY spreadsheet available here is still free, and provides most of the functionality of the COM624 program, with much friendlier input and output.  Download from the link, and see the Downloads or Downloads by category tabs for more information.


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7 Responses to COM624 download and documentation sites

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  2. DW says:


    I cna;t download com624 manual…

    Please upload com624 manual


  3. Paul Quinones says:

    Sir, I want to download COM624P for my project in school. But it isn’t available anymore on the net. Can you help me? I am trying to design a micropile.


  4. dougaj4 says:

    It seems that COM624 is no longer free, but it is listed here:

    My spreadsheet has the same functionality, and much friendlier input and output, and is still free. Just look on the download tab.


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