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ConBeamU Update

Recently a comment pointed out that if the ConBeam, or ConBeamU, user defined functions were used with a single span then the “Out” argument was ignored, so it was not possible to return support reactions.  This has now been fixed … Continue reading

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Extracting numbers with regular expressions

Shortly after I wrote about extracting numbers from text strings, Winston Snyder at wrote a detailed article about using “regular expressions” to separate text from numbers in any string.  I have adapted his routine for the same purpose as … Continue reading

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Dynamic sorting with Excel, VBA, and Python

A spreadsheet with User Defined Functions (UDFs) to dynamically sort a range of data has previously been presented here and here. I have now modified the Python version of the UDF for improved functionality, added a second Python function, and … Continue reading

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Global to Local for plates (and three node beams)

The Glob_to_Loc function (see Converting from global to local coordinates (and vice versa) ) converts forces and deflections of a beam from the global coordinate system to the local system, defined by the longitudinal axis of the beam and a rotation angle … Continue reading

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Rabbits, Foxes, and Lorenz Attractors

Following comments here and here I have added two examples to the ODE Solver spreadsheet showing use of the ODE function to solve systems of differential equations with two or more coupled equations. The new version (including full open source … Continue reading

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