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Evaluating text and Integration with Python and ALGLIB

Following the previous post on evaluating mathematical functions entered as text on the spreadsheet, I have now written a spreadsheet with similar functionality using Python functions, and the Excel-Python add-in.  Also included are integration functions using the SciPy Python library, … Continue reading

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Evaluating text – update

One disadvantage of the spreadsheet style interface is that even simple formulae are difficult to check.  For instance, the deflection of a cantilever loaded at the end is given by: F*L^3/(3*E*I) which is much easier to read than the Excel … Continue reading

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Reinforced Concrete – ULS capacity under combined axial load and biaxial bending

I have modified the ULS Design Functions spreadsheet, last presented here, to analyse sections subject to bi-axial bending, and non-symmetrical sections.  The new version makes use of the routines for splitting any section defined by XY coordinates into trapezoidal layers, described … Continue reading

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Feet and inches, and other units

Following a query at Eng-tips I have had a look at options in Excel for converting metres to feet and inches, with the inches displayed as a fraction rather than a decimal. Converting from metres to feet or inches is … Continue reading

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Python Matrix Functions with ExcelPython – 2

Following the previous ExcelPython post I have modified the VBA and Python code for improved performance and to simplify the Python coding.  The main change is that where Numpy Arrays are required in the Python code, these are now created … Continue reading

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